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Anti-Ragging Committee (2016-17)

Mobile Number
Dr.S.M.Khadilkar Director 9028817111
Mrs.Priyanka P.Jadhav Civil 9850076017
Mr.Anil Tanpure Police
P.S.Gurav Local Media
Ms.Mangala Baddare Patil NGO (Youth Activites)
Dr.S.D.Kore Faculty Mmbers 9403449788
Prof.Mrs. R.M.Chavan Faculty Mmbers 9921380441
Prof.S.S.Patil Faculty Mmbers 7798863151
Smt.Shilpa Indraneel Mohite Parents - M.B.A
Mr.Javed Bagwan Parents - M.C.A
Mr.Potdar Pratik Prakash  Student-M.B.A-I 9673442134
Mr.Varute Abhijeet Haridas   Student-M.B.A-I 9423042029
Mr.Gundesha Akash Suresh Student-M.B.A-I 9764422069
Mr.Mane Snehal  Bhaskar  Student-M.B.A-I 8857918993
Ms.Dudhane Shivani Chandrakant Student-M.B.A-I 9822454053
Ms.Thorat Shwetanjali Student-M.B.A-I 0231-2656712
Ms.Jadhav  Priyanka Shamrao  Student-M.B.A-I 8806032703
Ms.Ghotawadekar  Mansi Student-M.B.A-II 0231-2520651
Ms.Mohite Kartiki      Student-M.B.A-II 9881015557
Mr.Shah  Akshay Student-M.C.A-I
Mr.Patil Anuja Student-M.C.A-I
Ms.Suryawanshi  Tejashri Student-M.C.A-I
Ms.More Asmita Satish Student-M.C.A-I
Ms.Malkar Deepali Student-M.C.A-I
Mr.Phadnis  Chinmay  Sudhir Student-M.C.A-II
Ms.More  Asmita  Satish Student-M.C.A-II
Ms.Sana Bagwan Student-M.C.A-II 9405259786
Mrs.Narvekar S.S. NON-TEACHING 9763245998
Prof.S.A.Ghatge Anti Ragging Squad
Prof.N.P.Chougule Anti Ragging Squad
from I year M.B.A and M.C.A, 5 from II year M.B.A and M.C.A Monitoring Cell
Prof.M.U.Makandar Monitoring Cell 7385549548
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